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We are the IT professionals when you require cost-effective outsourcing of day-to-day computer management responsibilities. We want to take the stress and hassle out of IT processes and services and allow you to focus on the important stuff, like growing your

We take care of everything. There are no break / fix repair costs, no hidden or unpredictable expenses, and no ‘middle of the night’ IT surprises, so you can keep working on business development.

There is a range of managed computer services that we can help you and your business with. No matter the IT need, we provide affordable answers that work for your particular requirements. We are your managed IT services Brisbane experts, so let us know today on how we can assist.

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Network Management

Networks can be hard to setup and properly run in your office or workplace. Even once they have been established, ongoing network maintenance as things change may be needed.

Network Specialists

SolveItTech has network specialists to administer, operate and maintain your network systems. Having effective network management ensures your business can continue to operate its network procedures at maximum efficiency. We can help with all the general housekeeping a network requires in keeping it under control and working well for you.

By using professional software, we will control and monitor your computer networks and aid you in the following areas:

Computer Performance

Having a network setup and a network that has been properly setup are two very different things. Make certain your network is operating in optimal condition by trusting it to the experts at SolveItTech.

When taking control of your computer and system networks, we eliminate bottlenecks and potential problems that could be slowing you down. Our staff know how to enable full access to a network and also limit access if need be, giving you full flexibility on how you wish to run your networking with the staff using it.


Protection for a network is essential in our modern digital age, to stop unauthorised users or sensitive information leaking. Ensure your network is safe by letting us run diagnostics and looking at probable security loopholes. We can implement the best security and encryption measures on your network, which suit your business.

Whatever the level of interaction your staff requires on a network, our networking pros will provide the ideal solution that allows for productivity, as well as safety.


Constant network dropouts can have an effect on your business profitability and productiveness. You want to be able to rely on your network, whether it’s used for file sharing, internet, information protection or a whole host of other reasons, networks that are down cost you time and money.

When managing your network, we guarantee it will be 100% reliable for all your business needs. There won’t be endless hours of network outage or files going missing when your network is being handled by true pros like SolveItTech.

Security Management

When it comes to IT security management, SolveItTech can assist your business in making sure no data is compromised and accessed by individuals without proper authorisation. It can be as simple or as complex as you and your business desire, with a full range of security measures available for a broad selection of applications.

Computer Performance

Our security management involves services from password administration all the way to more sophisticated solutions such as data encryption. We don’t take a one fits all approach managing your computer security. Each business and situation is unique, depending on the day-to-day operation, the number of staff and other factors. You can be assured we will find the best ways to keep you IT property protected.

Safeguarding your information should never be overlooked, which is why so many businesses today are outsourcing IT security management to professionals like SolveItTech. We assist by providing the following benefits and much more.

Risk Reduction

By analysing your current computer security and what you require from it, we can advise on the most effective ways to minimise risk. We want to stop potential security threats before they become a serious problem. Putting into action relevant safety measures and reducing risk from business operations is our speciality.

This includes things like enforcing restrictions on user passwords, making certain they are hard to crack, or providing alternative software for daily use that has a proven track record for IT security.


In this day and age, not having sufficient anti-virus software on a computer is a beacon for malicious software to invade and damage your sensitive data. There are so many different anti-virus programs on the market today, it can be very confusing in selecting the one that is right for you.

Even if you do find one, not all anti-virus software is made the same, providing different levels of computer protection and subscription models.

When managing your IT security, SolveItTech will ensure the right anti-virus for your setup is installed, updated and most importantly working. Not only will it guard against malicious software and malware, but be cost-effective for your current IT framework.

Desktop Management

Looking for new ways to save time and increase staff productivity? Let IT professionals like SolveItTech manage your organisation’s computer devices for uniformed updates, software installation and hardware upgrades.

Business IT Structure

Desktop management provides a way to keep your business IT structure under control and efficient. It’s a comprehensive approach to making sure that all computer systems in an organisation are consistent, and staff will have full functionality no matter if what system they are working from.

Having us manage your desktop (and laptop) devices means you have fully updated software, which is crucial in eliminating security risks. All it takes is one system in the network to not be installed with critical operating system or anti-virus updates for a whole network to be infected.

It Structure

See what our desktop management can achieve with your business or company:

Restriction: At times it’s necessary to restrict control of client computers in what can be downloaded, what software can be installed, or what USBs can be accessed. Limiting staff through standardised computers keeps your IT structure in control and stops staff potentially endangering the network.

Consistency: There is nothing worse than for staff to have to reshuffle locations or ‘hotdesk’ only to find that the program they need is not installed on their new computer. It causes headaches trying to resolve these issues during business hours, when all want is for there to be dependability with your IT infrastructure.

While providing your desktop management services, SolveItTech guarantees your computer devices will be in synch with each other involving all updates and software. We make positive that all hardware, like keyboards, mice and monitors are uniformly the same throughout the company and in working condition.

Having consistency with your IT structure means less time troubleshooting computers and alleviating busy administrators and tech support from solving issues and updating computers manually.

Cost effective: Providing universal desktop management is a cost effective resolution in maintaining your company’s computer workstations. Because tasks can be automated such as the installation of important updates, you don’t need to fear your staff’s time being eaten away unnecessarily waiting for their computer to be functional.

It also saves time for your IT department to focus on the most important stuff, rather than physically having to update computers and keep track of software and hardware themselves. It truly is a management service that has real value and can directly save you money.

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We are here to repair and service your machine at your convenience and implement managed services on your schedule. We come to you and are flexible enough to work on weekends. So you have nothing to worry about with your system.

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