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An Honest Approach

We provide upfront price quotes on all parts and services.

Depending on the age of your system and the necessary repairs, sometimes it makes more sense to replace the computer than to fix it. We aren’t in the business of nickel and diming our customers for unnecessary repairs or services they simply don’t require. You can be assured that the answers we provide are straightforward and direct to the point, without mincing words or throwing in complicated jargon.

SolveItTech computer repairs Brisbane will never take advantage of your trust while assisting with technical issues and problems. Our team of technicians pride themselves in only speaking the truth and being 100% honest with our customers. We are the computer repairs, Brisbane Northside experts you can always depend on for true service and advice.

It’s by developing these strong, trustworthy relationships with our clients that make SolveItTech the go-to name for your computer and laptop repairs Brisbane Northside. Based in North Lakes, the experienced team at Solve It Tech are mobile and able to come to you anywhere on the Northside of Brisbane. From Caboolture to Chermside, and from Morayfield to Redcliffe, if you are outside of North Brisbane, feel free to call as we may be able to give you guidance and advice over the phone. Contact the laptop, PC and computer repair experts on 0426 288 165 or 07 3149 3231

Computer Repairs You Can Rely On

Servicing Computer Repairs North Brisbane

While we handle all computer repairs North Lakes being based in the suburb, the experienced team at SolveItTech are mobile and are ready to come to you anywhere on the Northside of Brisbane. Whether you require computer repairs Redcliffe or further north for Caboolture computer repairs, we are your all inclusive, trusted IT solutions team on the north side of town.

Our mobility to travel to your home or office gives us the flexibility to assist you when you have availability and not the other way around. For a nominal fee, let us come to you anywhere on the Northside and get the task done. Stop trying to squeeze in time to get your computer looked at during busy business hours. It can be demanding carrying around a bulky computer case, especially for say, you are looking for computer repairs Morayfield but cannot find a local store to fit your service in time.

Mobile Computer Repair Service

Let us come at a suitable, arranged time and get your computer up and running, stress-free! With evening appointments, it’s easier now than ever to organise mobile computer repairs Caboolture and its surrounding area. We also service a large portion of Brisbane’s Northside, offering computer repair Chermside services and its nearby suburbs.

Remember, this mobile service is completely free if you’re located within the Brisbane 4509 postcode covering North Lakes and Mango Hill. We only charge a small amount for other Northside locations to cover fuel and travel time, and are happy to provide a pricing estimate on contact.

SolveItTech values your time, and if we can’t solve the issue at your location, we will safely and securely unplug your computer or device and take it with us. Once the problem has been fully resolved, we’ll bring the system back free of charge and hook it up good as new. If you’re outside of North Brisbane, feel free to call as we may be able to give you guidance and advice over the phone.

It’s just one way we go about providing outstanding service to our customers because here at SolveItTech we’ll do whatever we can to make your computer repairs as stress and hassle free as possible.

We Help You Have Reliable Computers

If you’re a working professional who relies on a computer for day to day business, you know exactly how significant it is that your hardware works first time, every time, ensuring consistent career productivity.

There are so many professions in our modern tech age that depend on having either their computers, laptops or tablets ready and available to service client needs. To them and possibly for you, a working computer is critical for productions, projects, documents and files.

How would your livelihood be affected if your computer stopped working suddenly? Would you be able to continue efficiently with the demands of your occupation? They are important questions to keep in mind – have a think about your job and if you have a reliable solution in place if your computer didn’t boot at the start of the day.

A graphic designer needs the specialised programs only a computer can provide. Administration personal require constant access to databases for customer information stored on computers. Corporate professionals use their laptops in presenting business meetings and conferences. What do you use your computer for and how crucial is it to your working life?

Computers for Businesses

Even if you don’t directly use a computer but are a manager or business owner, you’ll want to ensure your staff always have functioning hardware to maximise workplace efficiency. Be prepared and confident that you have an effective solution provider in place, ready to assist when any computer problem arises.

You need a committed team of specialists, technicians you can trust and who will come to you fast and efficiently solve computer and hardware issues.

SolveItTech prides itself on being the most reliable, dependable company that is ready at a moment’s notice to travel and fix your computer and IT issues. With your career dependent on your technology and software, don’t take the risk using technicians who have long turn around times.

Regular Communication

We are always clear and consistent when explaining the problem and outline how we are successfully going to resolve it. No jargon, no geek-speak, just straight to the facts of what is wrong and what we can do to get you up and running as fast as possible again.

If for any reason we can’t fix it then and there at your location, we’ll provide as accurate timeframe as possible of when you can expect us to return with a resolution. If something unforeseen occurs, we will be in full contact, promising to keep you in touch, and update you on the situation or any changes in expected timeframe.

It’s this transparency with our work that separates us from many other IT repair companies. We truly understand and recognise just how vital having your computer working is to your professional career. Start a long lasting, dependable relationship that you can trust for all your IT needs with the SolveItTech, the PC and computer repair experts. Contact us today on 0426 288 165 or 07 3149 3231


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